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About Us

Our History

The Arrochela & Camizão family has been producing Vinho Verde wines in the subregion of Amarante and Sousa since 1910. João Camizão represents the 4th generation of this esteemed family from Porto. After completing his studies in Telecommunication Engineering, João ventured into the Telco business. His career path led him to Bangalore, India, the renowned IT city, where he resided for two and a half years starting in 2007. Immersed in a culture vastly different from his own, João found a unique wellspring of inspiration.

During his tenure in India, João developed a deep appreciation for preserving and honoring his family’s winemaking heritage. Motivated by this realization, upon returning home, he embarked on the establishment of Sem Igual with the unwavering support of his family. The first vintage of Sem Igual was unveiled in 2012.

The primary challenge and hallmark of distinction lay in creating a Vinho Verde “without equal” (Sem Igual), divergent from the traditional style made with local grapes. Instead, João aimed to craft a white wine that was non-fizzy, full-bodied, and exceptionally dry, capable of aging gracefully in the bottle. This wine would be defined by its high acidity and long finish.

Our Wines & Vineyards

Unparalleled Wines

Sem Igual wines are made with grapes carefully picked from Sem Igual’s own vineyards in the Sousa subregion (Meinedo, Lousada). The vineyards cover around 10 hectares, with vines ranging from 4 to 90 years old, thriving in the granite and gravel soils at elevations of 200 to 300 meters. Some vines are trained using the ascending unilateral cord method, while the oldest vines are grown using the pergola training system (ramadas). As Sem Igual transitions to organic farming, its focus remains on crafting exceptional wines for consumers to enjoy.

The white wines are primarily crafted with Arinto and Azal grapes, while the red wines highlight Touriga-Nacional, Baga, and Vinhão. Sem Igual wines are known for their freshness, vibrant acidity, full-bodied richness, long-lasting finishes, distinctive minerality, and much more.

Wine Tourism

Visits & Wine Tastings

Visits contextualize and decode the Vinho Verde Wine Region, followed by a wine tasting that can range from fresh whites to whites from old vines, verticals of our #1 Sem Igual white, a range of just bubbles, or only rosés and red. The visit and wine tasting are always conducted by the wine producers – João & Leila.